When things are off-limits, like an abandoned building, it’s intriguing, it piques one’s curiosity. It also alerts one to be cautious because this building is dangerous, inhabited with the unknown, who may be a danger to you, or the building may just fall apart, or the building is owned by someone else. It’s dangerous, it’s risky, but it’s intriguing, which makes it attractive? Which leads one to being curious and you really want to just open the door. However, once you open the door you see a stairwell that leads to another unknown. Its just a never ending door of unknowns. It’s like you’re looking into more darkness, not knowing what you’re sensing or feeling. You can’t tell right from wrong. You know what you really want but it will always be out of reach because it was in the door behind you. You want to go through that door. You cant find it, you probe and search and search some more in a vast wasteland of emptiness. And when you finally find that one door, that door that will give you all the happiness in the world. You have hope.

The door is locked. You need to find the key. You look through that vast wasteland again. You’re tired. Your body and mind aches. You find it. You have hope. 

There are two events: The key doesn’t fit; The key fits, doesn’t open because there is no door knob, the door says “push” you push, it doesn’t open, you want to do the opposite but you can’t because there is nothing for you to grip on to. 

You lose hope.

The door is closed.