What is Pure Bliss?

Thinking of it as Entry 1.5. My mind kept going back to this idea today. A simple yet challenging thing to decipher and desire.


What is pure bliss? – A challenge, especially if you do not want to research the definition on the internet.

Is it a sense of constant euphoria? A prolonged experience of happiness?

And what is happiness? The flow of dopamine running from the sensors of your brain to the rest of your body? When your face lights up and others can see the sparkles in your eyes?

What is pure bliss? – A challenge, especially if you do not want to research the definition on the internet. You do not want to research the definition on the internet because those are the words you want to set your sights on. Even though the internet changes constantly, even if certain ideals are not worded right and there are so many different perspectives on the matter, you are overwhelmed. You realize that those words are the ones you need to live up to, each and every one of those “definitions”, and you come to the point where you believe that if you didn’t experience one of those definitions and those definitions contradict with others, you may never have experienced bliss at all.

So don’t look up the meaning of the word. The words are a starting point, not the end to some goal. You realize that it may be something you cannot describe at all, not by words. It is a feeling. Words describe what we feel by what we may visualize. Words are a representation of what we visualize those worded feelings to be.

So what is pure bliss? Whatever your heart, brain, and body collectively desires in life. Your skin would feel warmth or chills. The beating of your heart would be calm or completely rapid. Your mind would be clear or running a million miles per hour. Whatever it is, the muscles in your face will unconsciously lift the corners of your lips. An involuntary smile. No matter the cause, that is the effect. The only ways you can visually describe bliss is with its cause and effect. However, that indescribable matter in between the cause and effect is something only you can understand. It is not something you can obtain, you can obtain the cause and effect but not that indescribable sensation in between.

It is because you are the bearers of that indescribable sensation in between the cause and effect, therefore it is only you who can experience and understand what pure bliss really is. Pure bliss needs to be unlocked with that cause and that effect of your involuntary smile will arrive again.

Final Note: The cause, the middle, and effect can be a fleeting moment, so appreciate the little things as often as you can.

Unedited thoughts. 4:27pm.